Thursday, February 16, 2017

How a Dentist Performs Root Canal Therapy for Severe Toothache Relief

Root canal treatment is a simple in-office procedure in which a dentist cleans and removes infected pulp from your tooth. X-rays may be needed in order to determine how many tooth roots require treatment. The cleaning of the roots helps to remove the bacterial endotoxin causing the inflammation. It also makes the roots of your teeth inhospitable to future bacterial colonization. The roots are then closed with a sealant and a temporary filling is placed.
To perform the root canal therapy, your Maryville dentist will give you an anesthetic medication. This procedure can be done either with a local anesthetic or an anesthetic along with a sedative. These medications help to relax you and allow you to comfortably rest while the dentist performs the root canal treatment. You may be given antibiotic tablets, an antibiotic mouth rinse or a medicated gel to apply directly to your gum tissue to prevent an infection after root canal therapy. Read more from this blog

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Visiting a Dentist will Increase Your Happiness in More Ways than One

When you’re leading a busy life, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to visit your local dentist. However, if you do make the time to visit a dentist in Maryville, TN, on a regular basis, it won’t just be your dental health that you’re improving. Studies have shown that those who take care of their oral health tend to be happier people as well. So it stands to reason that visiting a dentist near Maryville, TN could improve your overall mood, which, in itself, has even more health benefits.

Smile More

Knowing that your teeth and gums are healthy and clean will mean you’re more likely to show them off and smile. Although feeling happy causes people to smile, things work in the other direction too. When you smile, your body feels an emotional response, releases chemicals such as endorphins, and makes you feel happier. Read more from this blog.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Dental Implant Preparation Goes

One of the ways that you can have all of your teeth back even when you’ve already lost one is with a dental implant. . A dental exam is performed first, along with molds, to determine the treatment plan and the best way to place the implant.